A Description of DOAC Utilization Management (UM) Criteria Among Public and Private Healthcare Payers


  1. Hi Niloufar!! Great topic! Isn’t it interesting that the most cost-effective agents were not listed highly by the insurance folks. Looks like you have identified another lead-in for the next project! 🙂 This research will be helpful to you as you start your new residency!! Great experience. Thank you!

    1. Dr. Orlando,
      Thank you so much for encouraging me. I think having this experience will definitely help me with my residency project.

  2. Thanks! Did you learn anything about how insurers decide to favor one medication over another? It sounds like it can be hard to understand their reasons if it’s not just cost-effectiveness.

    1. Dr. Henchy, thank you for your comment. I think insurance decisions are multifactorial, taking to account indications and adverse effects of DOACs, and at the same time, rebates and monitory considerations could also affect their decision.

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